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All handmade pottery is ready to ship. If you would like to place a custom order, please contact me with your questions. For further information on shipping and payment methods, please follow the links.

#36 - 07.JPG

Spoon rests, pot-pie dishes, apple bakers & jars

#96 - 03_500x280.jpg

Coffee & tea sets, personal tea pots, pour-overs, & mugs 

#61 - 07_500x280.jpg

Yarn bowls... Mostly yarn bowls. Sometimes vases and planters.

#127 - 16_922x613.jpg

Bowls, plates, cups, serving dishes & utensils


Soap dishesshaving scuttles & toothbrush caddies

Tea Bowl 10 - Red Clay 07 2020-04-09.JPG

Chawan, teacups, rice & soup bowls, & serving dishes

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