Any items you are interested in purchasing please email me with the item name, length (if needed) and any gem choices.  For further ordering info please visit the Ordering & Payment page

Elegant Earpin    15 €
Sterling silver (925) earpins with genuine gemstone or Swarovski crystal beads. Can be worn in 2 directions. Sapphire colored Swarovski crystal.
KotRT - Lancelot Earrings     30 €
Sterling silver (925) and copper hammer plate earrings.
Cinder Girl Earrings    40 €
Sterling silver (925) filigree earrings w/ genuine gemstone bead dangles. Garnet Shown.
Squared Earrings    44 €
Sterling silver (925) 2x2cm square earrings with genuine 8x6mm gemstone cabochons. Unakite Shown.
Snowflake Earrings    50 €
Sterling silver (925) snowflake earrings.
Moderne Earrings    55 €
Sterling silver (925) 2x2cm square earrings w/ 4mm faceted stone. Half high polish, half satin finish. Iolite shown.
Silver Wysteria  Earrings (Rec) 55 €
Sterling silver (925) 2x4cm rectangle filigree earrings
Squidy Earrings    62 €
Sterling silver (925) squid earring with 3mm faceted gemstone eyes. Amethyst shown.
Cleo Earrings    77 €
Sterling silver (925) and brass earrings (approx 6cm long) w/ 6x4mm emerald cut garnets.
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