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COVID-19 Notice 


Due to the disruption in shipping at the moment, estimated shipping times are unknown. In most situations they are running smoothly, but please be patient as there may be delays with receiving your order. You will be notified of any estimation on shipping time in a confirmation email. These estimations are based off of previous shipments and are not the standard or garanteed.  Thank you.

Taxes & Fees

The client is responsible for any duty taxes and processing fees associated with their purchase; I have no control over this. If you are unfamiliar with your countries import taxes, please do your due diligence before purchasing. In most cases, there is a maximum that is allowed tax free. 

I can not be held responsible for any taxes and fees incurred. 

**Brexit Notice


Due to Brexit, there are now taxes and fees associated with purchases from the EU that did not apply prior to January 2021. Please familiarize yourself with these new laws before placing a purchase.


Pottery: Orders that contain pottery only, will be shipped out in 1-3 business days, as these pieces (if ordered directly from the site) are ready to ship.

Jewelry: In most situations, unless the item descriptions states "ready-to-ship", jewelry is made to order. Within 1-3 business days upon ordering, you will receive an estimated time when the piece will be ready to ship. Is some situations, I can be backed up by a month or 2. Feel free to enquire about my schedule via the Contact Form or by emailing me at amber.rose@yellowscreations.com before you place your order.

Mixed orders: If you purchase pottery and jewelry you can choose to have the pottery shipped separately for an added fee. You will be contacted to discuss this.


I ship through Bpost or PostNL depending on your location. 

A tracking code is not always provided, if you desire one please choose the correct shipping method. If you choose a method without a tracking code you accept the risks of possible lost packages. Packages lost that did not have a tracking code can only be replaced at your expense.

Shipping Rates:

Belgium via PostNL - Free 

Border Countries (Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg):

via PostNL

0-9,9kg - 3,00 €

10-20 kg - 5,00 €

More than 20kg are shipped in multiple boxes 

EU & UK:

With tracking via PostNL

0-9,9 kg - 5,00 €

10-20 kg - 8,00 €

Without tracking via BPost

0-1 kg - 3,00 €

Rest of Europe & Mediterranean:

With Tracking via Bpost

0-4,9 kg - 10,00 €

5-9,9 kg - 26,00 €

10-20 kg - 52,00 €

More than 20kg are shipped in multiple boxes 

Without tracking via BPost

0-1 kg - 5,00 €

United States:

With tracking via BPost

0-4,9 kg - 5,00 €

5-9,9 kg - 10,00 €

10-20 kg - 20,00 €

More than 20kg are shipped in multiple boxes 

Without tracking via BPost

0-1 kg - 3,00 €

If you require a different shipping method please contact me before ordering to see what the possibilities are.

Happy Shopping!